Tuesday, September 30, 2014

On Badassity

In the interest of full disclosure, I need to inform you all that I have recently discovered a new blog and as a result, have taken up a new lifestyle.  Ok, maybe not entirely new - I've been called "granola", "hippie,"and "crafty" from time to time, but now I have a better label for that intangible quality that makes me seem a bit strange.  It's called Mustachianism. It's changed my perspective on a whole lot of things and spurred me on to even greater feats of badassity.  Disclosure is necessary because I may throw some Mustachian ideas into future blog posts and I want to give credit where credit is due.  I highly recommend the Mr. Money Mustache blog and invite you to go over and check it out.  He breaks down things like saving, investing and DIY into interesting little nuggets while throwing in a peppering of manly swearing.  Any of my Mustachian-inspired blog posts will always contain links to the articles containing said inspiration.

Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Grandma was a Badass

I occasionally have people bring me old quilts for repair.  People also ask if I can finish a quilt that some departed relative started long ago that has been sitting in a cedar chest somewhere waiting to start its life.  That is how this beauty and I were introduced.

The pattern is a classic hexagon layout called Grandmother's Garden.  In this case, it actually was pieced by someone's grandmother.  And Grandma was a HAND-stitching badass.

I counted these up, and they average 27 stitches per seam.  I did some sloppy math and got a rough estimate of around 90,000 stitches in the entire quilt!

This quilt is huge.  A generous king-sized quilt.  Large enough that I didn't have a room with enough floor space to lay it out and baste it for quilting.  Thus, I pulled out a tarp and used my back yard (Note the clothes drying on the line - I have a bit of grandmotherly-badassity going on myself).

The Tarp.

Quilt with Warm & Natural Cotton Batting .

I had been avoiding sandwiching this together and basting it for quilting, because it's huge.  That's intimidating.  I do this with every quilt, regardless of size though.  It always surprises me when it goes well and is really not that difficult.  Then I wonder why I put it off for so long.  Now that it's basted, I'm hand quilting it.  I could wrestle it through my sewing machine, but Grandma's tedious handwork deserves to be honored, so I am firing up the Netflix and getting to work!

Because this generation needs a few badasses too.

Monday, July 28, 2014

Upcycled Picnic Blanket

I try to utilize my network of friends and acquaintances whenever possible to get things accomplished on the cheap while still providing mutually beneficial services.  It's good to have good people.  As a result of this, I found myself owing a certain graphic-designer friend of mine a quilt (for that little bit of goodness up there ^^^^ among several other things).

"I'd like something sturdy for sitting on the ground.  Something that can take some wear," he said.  My first thought was reusing denim, my second thought was reusing an ugly blanket for the batting.  My third thought was GOODWILL!!!!!

And so this happened. The batting in this blanket is FIERCE!

And these. (I later decided not to use the khaki). 

And then this.

And finally, this.

And the graphic designer loved the quilt, and all was right with the world.

The End.

Friday, July 25, 2014

Don't Buy a Mean Girl

I recently had someone ask if I could do a dress alteration for her.  My alteration skills do not match my quilting skills.  I can do VERY basic alterations, but anything more complicated than shortening a hem is something I usually pass on.  I told her I would take a look and see what could be done.

I should inform you that this lady stands about 6'1", is athletically slim and has a kick-ass attitude.  She'll drink you under the table and can land just about any guy she wants. 

Girlfriend is a knockout.  

She brought me a cute little party dress that just didn't fit her in the bust.  There was no fixing it.  She's got this great, perky little pair up front, but the dress was made for someone with size D boobs that could magically (or surgically - no judgement, just saying) stand up on their own.  There was nowhere to hide a bra under this thing.  She started blaming her small boobs and the genes that created them.  This dress was a beautiful color, had a sassy hemline and really begged to be worn, but it had just succeeded in making a gorgeous girl dislike her decidedly beautiful body.

Take the dress back to the store!  There's no need to go paying money to have a mean girl in your closet.  I'm all for buying things that you love and altering them to fit if need be, but if it's not working, it's not working.  Break up with that dress.  You're better than that.