Tuesday, January 3, 2012

A bit of Handmade Christmas

I wanted to give at least 3 handmade gifts this year.  I knocked out two of those with a teacher gift - and I cheated a bit by buying a handmade mug from a local artist.  Still handmade - just not by me...  I think it counts.

I did make the mug rug.  The teacher's favorite color is green and she's a coffee drinker, so I added a gift card to the locally owned coffee shop and roastery.  How hipster is that?

My third handmade gift was to totally tear down and remake a vintage, 1970's quilt that was a wedding present for my parents.

  I got to dig up some vintage linens
  and used a broken-in comforter for the batting - all scored for a dollar at an estate sale - again: Hipster.  Or Hippie.  Or granola or thrifty or whatever...  Anyway, take that! holiday consumerism... I stab at you with my puny sword of handmade coziness!

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