Sunday, December 11, 2011

I'm Dyeing Here!

So Punny...

Anyway, I've been dyeing away.  I found some new product blanks that I totally love and I'm excited to give them as gifts and get some of them into my Etsy store.  This means I'm all gussied up in my rubber gloves and apron and somehow I still manage to have fingers dyed all colors of the rainbow.

This is where it all happens.  I am hugely grateful to have a random extra sink in my hallway (technically it is the laundry sink, but it's really almost more of a little kitchenette).  I have two stainless steel sinks and a cabinet with no use other than to be my dyeing station.

I've been working away at these fun little things.

 Little bear sleep sacks - just too flippin' cute!

 Thigh High cotton socks - I love, love, love these!  Comfy for sleeping or yoga or dance or under jeans when it's chilly, or really whenever.  Love 'em!