Monday, February 28, 2011

New inspiration

I have 3 little girls.
As someone who sews, this is basically a justification for buying any girly fabric I fall in love with because I can use it to make cute little dresses.  I made Easter dresses last year for my two oldest - the baby already had a dress.  I've been trying to buy more organic fabrics.  At the time, (just one year ago) there wasn't much to choose from, but I found these two prints from Harmony Art that I really liked.

Whispering Grass (left) and Evelyn by Harmony Art

     This year I discovered MonaLuna!  I fell in love with Birds (bottom left) from her Monaco collection and all the coordinating fabrics followed.

Clockwise from top left - Flower Bed, Double Dot, Starburst, and Birds
These are all organic and I'm super excited to start playing with them!

Monday, February 14, 2011

Rainbow dilemma

I love this quilt.
I loved everything about making it and it surprised me all along the way.  I got the idea from a quilt hero of mine Jona&Lili
For reasons I shall explain later, I was in desperate need of pretty ways to use up scraps and ugly fabrics.
Now I think it's too big.
It was supposed to be a baby quilt.  I'm not taking that border off.
I love the 9 patch border.  Plus, I made all those scrappy 9 patches months ago with no idea what I'd do with them.  When I put them next to the spider web blocks - I knew they belonged together.
Perhaps just remove the orange border and use that for the binding?