Friday, September 9, 2011

Iris Exagoni

Or Hexagon Rainbow.

I want to finish this REALLY badly.  There just hasn't been any time lately to wrap it up.  I'm excited to see it all complete, though the process has been fun as well.  I never quite made it to a fabric store to stock up on orange or yellow, but a lovely friend with a passion for warm colors supplied me with some of her scraps - just in the nick of time.

Since I didn't go fabric shopping for this quilt, it will be entirely made from stash and scraps.  That also means that I haven't bought any new fabric since August 19th.   It's really not that hard to go without buying fabric (isn't that a mindless, American, consumer thing to say?).  I might just see if I can set myself a record - and then try to break it :)
It's quite satisfying to use up fabrics that people didn't want or couldn't use.

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