Thursday, August 18, 2011

Miss Scarlett, Here's your shout out.

I've been patrolling local second-hand shops with an eye to re-purposing fabric.  This particular find is a RE-RE-purpose.

I found 4 long panel curtains for a dollar each.  After getting them home, I realized they had been made from Ikea bed sheets hemmed up with fabric glue. 

 Obviously I didn't iron before taking pictures.

I was about to make a dress for my daughter with some fabric she'd picked out (pink with polka dots), but I didn't have the right sized pattern on hand.  I wasn't super confident in my skills with this particular project, so I decided to make a practice dress from the curtains that used to be sheets.  I figure, they've already been re-used once and there's plenty there, so if I make a mistake, I can easily try again.
Miss S. was very specific about the length she wanted.  It had to be past her knees, otherwise, I make her wear shorts underneath and she says that's itchy.  So, the entire time I was working on it she repeated, "Make sure it's down to here, Mom," as she indicated a spot on her shin.
She wasn't thrilled with my fabric choice when I started - because there wasn't any pink, purple or sparkle involved, but I had faith in my powers of embellishment once the main dress was complete.
 It wasn't quite a "first day of school" dress in her book.  But it did get chosen for the second day of school.
 My kids use the camera all the time, so the lens was dirty - I didn't notice the lovely blurred effect until later.
 A little bit of pink was all it took to win her over.

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