Sunday, December 11, 2011

I'm Dyeing Here!

So Punny...

Anyway, I've been dyeing away.  I found some new product blanks that I totally love and I'm excited to give them as gifts and get some of them into my Etsy store.  This means I'm all gussied up in my rubber gloves and apron and somehow I still manage to have fingers dyed all colors of the rainbow.

This is where it all happens.  I am hugely grateful to have a random extra sink in my hallway (technically it is the laundry sink, but it's really almost more of a little kitchenette).  I have two stainless steel sinks and a cabinet with no use other than to be my dyeing station.

I've been working away at these fun little things.

 Little bear sleep sacks - just too flippin' cute!

 Thigh High cotton socks - I love, love, love these!  Comfy for sleeping or yoga or dance or under jeans when it's chilly, or really whenever.  Love 'em!

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Little Airplane Flies Away

I've finished up the commissioned baby quilt.  It would have been on time, but baby came early!  He's healthy and doing fine :)

 There were enough scraps to make some bibs too.

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Scrappy Spiderweb

Another baby quilt finished. 

I wanted to use up some of my overflowing stash of blue and green scraps.  

I also found this great, vintage, Robert Kaufman Kona striped fabric and I've been wanting to do a striped binding for awhile now.  

Mmmm, love me some striped binding!

Monday, November 7, 2011

I'm a Little Airplane Now

I've been commissioned to make a baby quilt.
Three requirements:
 - Include Baby's name
 - Include airplanes
 - Include camouflage (even if it's just for the backing)

I was sent this photo of the decorations for baby's room.

I came up with these sketches... vague, I know.

  And now I'm here.
I'm not in love with the camo for the border.  I'm thinking that's going to go.  I also didn't really double check my colors before I got going - just knew there would be orange and yellow.  My blue doesnt' really match the decorations.  I got all the requirements in there though...

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Hexy Americana

I'm on a string quilt bender.

I have this great triangle template that has me doing triangles galore.  It's just fun.

I also have this enormous stash of scraps, which is heavy on blues and reds, so I picked out all the bits that played well together.

That all adds up to this,

  but probably more like this... because it seems a bit busy.

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Iris Exagoni - The big finish

It's all done - and turned out nicely I think. 
Lots of little bits used up in this one.
I threw in some cute Polka Dots for the backing - and the binding too, for good measure.
Someone's going to be quite cozy and cheerful wrapped up in this little beauty.

Friday, September 30, 2011

The Beast is Vanquished!

This is my epic victory.

It is my biggest project thus far.
The culmination of months of work.

It's a Beast.
It is HEAVY.

I wrastled this monster through my Elna and sandwiched in an old comforter for the guts of it.  I love that it has the soul of traditional quilting in that we used what was available and gave it a new life.  It has much love sewn up in it.  It is heading to its new, loving home with my precious BFF, Sharon.

Snuggle Away.

Saturday, September 10, 2011

Sharon Quilt - the Story Continues

I finally decided I'd had enough of making blocks.  It's big enough.  I'll make up the difference with some gray borders.  I might do something with the corners...  We shall see.

Friday, September 9, 2011

Iris Exagoni

Or Hexagon Rainbow.

I want to finish this REALLY badly.  There just hasn't been any time lately to wrap it up.  I'm excited to see it all complete, though the process has been fun as well.  I never quite made it to a fabric store to stock up on orange or yellow, but a lovely friend with a passion for warm colors supplied me with some of her scraps - just in the nick of time.

Since I didn't go fabric shopping for this quilt, it will be entirely made from stash and scraps.  That also means that I haven't bought any new fabric since August 19th.   It's really not that hard to go without buying fabric (isn't that a mindless, American, consumer thing to say?).  I might just see if I can set myself a record - and then try to break it :)
It's quite satisfying to use up fabrics that people didn't want or couldn't use.

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Stringing Along

My design wall looks like this at the moment.  
 I'm finally putting the Sharon quilt together and have started two smaller quilts that are scrap-busting string quilts.  I'm on a mission to use up scraps and some hand-me-down fabric that I'm not thrilled with.  String quilts have captured my creativity.  I can't seem to get away from them.
 This pastel one is going to go through the rainbow - not sure how large to make it.  It might get as large as a throw/lap quilt.  That sort of depends on how my supply of scraps holds up.  I always run short on orange.  I have plans to check out a new fabric store this weekend, so I'll be trying to stash up on oranges and yellows.  I do want to try to leave the edges wavy and do some tricky binding to finish it up.
 I think I'll call this Scrappy Spiderweb.  It's still in need of some borders and I have plans for some blue/white striped binding.  All this done, and the scrap baskets are still overflowing.

Thursday, August 18, 2011

Miss Scarlett, Here's your shout out.

I've been patrolling local second-hand shops with an eye to re-purposing fabric.  This particular find is a RE-RE-purpose.

I found 4 long panel curtains for a dollar each.  After getting them home, I realized they had been made from Ikea bed sheets hemmed up with fabric glue. 

 Obviously I didn't iron before taking pictures.

I was about to make a dress for my daughter with some fabric she'd picked out (pink with polka dots), but I didn't have the right sized pattern on hand.  I wasn't super confident in my skills with this particular project, so I decided to make a practice dress from the curtains that used to be sheets.  I figure, they've already been re-used once and there's plenty there, so if I make a mistake, I can easily try again.
Miss S. was very specific about the length she wanted.  It had to be past her knees, otherwise, I make her wear shorts underneath and she says that's itchy.  So, the entire time I was working on it she repeated, "Make sure it's down to here, Mom," as she indicated a spot on her shin.
She wasn't thrilled with my fabric choice when I started - because there wasn't any pink, purple or sparkle involved, but I had faith in my powers of embellishment once the main dress was complete.
 It wasn't quite a "first day of school" dress in her book.  But it did get chosen for the second day of school.
 My kids use the camera all the time, so the lens was dirty - I didn't notice the lovely blurred effect until later.
 A little bit of pink was all it took to win her over.

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

More scraps

I don't turn down good, cotton fabric if it's being offered for free.  I figure even the really ugly and unwanted stuff will prove useful eventually.
Case in point -
I had this project panel for a teddy bear themed vest - from the '90's.

This blue bit came from a stuffed whale plushie project panel.

This was a cast-off piece of yardage from when a friend cleaned out her basement.  It's not ugly, but it's not super-trendy either.

A few more scraps and here we have a fun little guy to eat lunch with.  All my bibs are made from whatever fabric I have on hand.  I find that it makes me more creative to improvise with what's available instead of going out and buying new materials for a specific project.
His friends are for sale in my Etsy Shop.

Monday, July 25, 2011

The Sharon Quilt cont.

Well, progress is being made.  I figured out that I'd need to make 188 blocks to complete this quilt top.  I finally had them all finished and started to lay them out.
I ran a bit short.  I thought maybe one of my children had run off with a stack or two - they were "helping."  I counted up what I had and everything was there.

I went back and checked my math - I'd forgotten to carry the 1.  

So I still need to make 100 blocks.
Good thing I enjoy sewing :)